Let me introduce myself…

I do not like stress.  I do not handle it well.  I am adverse to risk.  It makes me very uneasy, which in turn, magnifies my stress.  I have chosen to be a full-time artist and try to support myself with the work I make.  I am told I have unreasonably high standards for my work.  Put all these together, shaken, not stirred, and you have a nasty-tasting artistic persona.

Fortunately for me, I have an excellent support network.  My partner Richard tolerates my chronic states of angst with good humor for the most part.  He is a fountain of ceramic information and my own personal cheering section.  My good friend Hodaka, a fellow potter with vastly more experience than I, just shakes his head and then gives me excellent advice on how to do it smarter, easier and better.  I wouldn’t even have this website without him.  My friend Olivia, a phenomenally talented sculptor, takes turns with me spouting about our current issues.  Alternate Venting. Very therapeutic.  My sculptor friend Jason kindly opines bearing witness to the improving evolution of my work, when I am too close to it to always see the changes.  I have little time for socializing, and my band of fellow artists gives me invaluable support.

I am hoping to use this Blog as a means to connect with people… artists and non-artists.  That’s what it’s all about really.  Each of us doing what makes us feel we have something of worth to contribute to the world.  Making art is a difficult way to earn a living, and just reaching out to each other can make the road a little easier to walk down.  Sometimes the Blog may be irreverent (hopefully not offensive), and sometimes informational.  Feedback is welcome, but if you want to say something negative…well, please don’t.  I have shed negative people from my life, and only want to interact with the positive types. 

Thanks for coming to my website- it’s nice to meet you! Image

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5 Responses to Let me introduce myself…

  1. Just letting you know I was here. I can’t wait to read what’s next.

  2. Treesa Gagne says:

    Greetings Carolyn,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. We are so fortunate to each have such great supportive people in our lives. Your work is lovely.
    Bright blessings,

  3. Anne says:

    Your work is truly beautiful… but i understand the perfectionnist angst… i hope you can find a balane that is stress-free 🙂

  4. Anne says:

    that should have read balance, lol!

  5. Check out some recent photos from the Tiger Temple in Thailand, while you decide if this is a good or a bad thing

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