Many of the animals featured in my artwork are under environmental stress.  The frogs, for example, represent amphibians, the most endangered animals on the planet.  I began making bats after learning of a fungus, “White-Nose Syndrome”, that is wiping out whole colonies of Little Brown Bats on the Eastern United States.  Birds are always under duress from various factors, foremost being habitat destruction.  Recently I’ve begun including animals outside of the U.S.  There are amazing animals in other countries. Some of them have physical characteristics that make them look like imaginary creatures, yet they really do exist!  Just think of the time it’s taken for these incredible animals to evolve to their present form, in order to adapt successfully to their environment, and how quickly we can destroy them with our ignorance and greed.  What makes the world a wondrous place is the diversity of life we have on our planet.  How much of the rainforest needs to be destroyed?  How many wetlands?  How much pollution in the oceans is acceptable?  How many species are expendable?

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